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Christmas Spirit

2011-12-18 17:31:07 by Emma

I'm not in it. But, ah well, I have to live through December 25th like everyone else.

Oh, hey, Kim Jong Il is dead. Merry Christmas rest of the world! But wait, something doesn't feel right ... this sounds familiar (video).

That is all.

- Emma

Underground Report!

2011-12-12 14:23:28 by Emma

I've been feeling rather sorry for a lot of people on here who are forced to listen to the trash on mainstream. So, here's some underground music that I listen to on a regular basis! At least try them out before going back to your Justin B. and Lil Wayne! (Links re-direct to YouTube).

Kraftwerk - Retro Electronica
808 State - Old School Techno
Hybrid - Electronica
Logistics - Drum & Bass
Omni Trio - Ambient D&B
Gofman & Tsukerman - New Trance
Tin Star - 90's Tech-Rock
Ladytron - Dance Techno
Chicane - Trance
Aly and Fila - Trance
Audiovent - Alternative Rock
Bionic Jive - Hard Rock
Ra - Exotic Nu Metal

Those are only a few of the unknown greats! Instead of listening to just what you see on front pages, why not explore the artists who have a very small fanbase. There are some real goldmines down there - even some that aren't retro at all!

That is all.

- Emma

I'm Approved - FINALLY!!

2011-12-06 14:25:36 by Emma

I PM'd an audio mod wondering why it was taking so long for my song to get approved. He told me it was because another one accidentally banned me! SO, after a whole month of waiting, there it is! This one isn't my best, though, before you get your first impression, haha. But, I hope you still enjoy it :). Also, I'm not close to finishing my flash yet. Work and stuff is keeping me from being able to focus on it completely >.<!

Well, my day has been made!

Also, if I was on here early enough, I would have posted this video. I can't believe I forgot about it! Pretty amazing (especially if you are in a band/orchestra)!

Your Day: Made

2011-12-02 15:11:30 by Emma

I just made your day. That is, if you like this style of music! I wonder how many people know what game this is from ...

Yeah. I have nothing else to say. I needed an excuse to use the happy-face emotocon.

Always Be Skeptical

2011-11-28 23:15:34 by Emma

So, anyone who's been on BBS recently probably knows about the Don/River controversy that might as well be called a flame war between loyalists and skeptics. I'm not making this post to "choose sides", merely to remind everyone to beware of whom they are developing relations with online (friendly or otherwise). Always remain skeptical of the person you are talking to. And, keep in mind that someone who is telling you everything you want to hear, knows they are doing so.

I know some of you are fairly young teenagers with a very high skeptic threshold; but don't automatically believe what you see or read online. We are all simply texts on a screen - no more until you are willing to drop your guard.

Well, those are my words of wisdom based on extensive experience for tonight. Keep your wits about you.

That is all.

[Not] Done With BBS

2011-11-20 01:16:15 by Emma

Break's over. Time to go infuriate my haters.

Going to Upload My 1st Flash Soon!

2011-11-09 16:25:07 by Emma

Well since my Audio submission is taking so long, I was thinking about getting into the Flash Portal now. I just had a really good idea for a movie project that may or may not turn into a series (assuming it's good enough). I'm not sure how long it will be until I am finished with it, but I definitely won't upload it until I feel that it is my absolute best - I'm not going to upload a "test", or anything that I and some of my friends think is crappy. Regardless, I have a feeling it won't be as traditional as most movies on NG (in fact, I know it won't be), but I am confident you will enjoy it if I get my ideas onto a screen!

That is all. Enjoy this (assuming you had a childhood):

- Emma

My Weekend: You're Invited!

2011-11-04 17:19:33 by Emma

This is going to be one of the best non-holiday weekends I've had in a long time! I'm going to be helping host a house (dorm) party that will probably go on well past 4AM with luck - DJ'ing ravish music with lots of people tends to do that. There will be every kind of drink you can imagine, and probably bike-jousting equipment! Oh, and if you're reading this, you're automatically invited (Password is "Rubik's Cube"), knock twice and twice only.

In relevant news, I'll probably be getting Battlefield 3 this weekend (unless I procrastinate until MW3 comes out). Either one of those are going to have me calling in sick to my classes for about a week, I'm sure. Probably going to troll people on Halo Reach until then.

Umm also, for some reason the Audio people are taking forever to approve my song >:(! I'm not a pirate, I promise! Has it taken this long for anyone else??

EDIT: Just got banned for posting in a thread where someone posted a (probably fake) phone number ...


That is all. Enjoy this:

- Emma

Enough Lurking!

2011-10-29 19:28:55 by Emma

It's about time I made a NG account! It seems like a pretty decent site; hopefully I'll get around to becoming some sort of Audio Portal goddess (lol). I haven't tried my hand at flash yet except for some Pivot Stickfigure shorts that I have no intention of adding into the "blammed" list. The Art Portal is a definite maybe for me; and I see myself posting in BBS quite frequently.

I made this account too so that I can give reasonable feedback on submissions when given the opportunity. I think the quality of critique has gone down :(.

Anyway, I know this is probably just a blip in the massive amount of information on this site - but, maybe it will be some sort of time-capsule treasure when I'm famous!

EDIT: Just submitted my first song to the Audio Portal! Can't wait for it to be approved!
EDIT: Audio Mods take forever ...

- Emma