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2012-03-05 22:11:42 by Emma

Haven't been online due to personal issues that take precedence over Newgrounds :(. Sorry! I will be back sometime hopefully (if anyone cares).

EDIT: Back-ish. Lol. Give me something to talk about!!

Redesign: Emoticon Abuse

2012-02-07 23:52:02 by Emma

Happy Redesign Day! I can't wait to spam BBS with some of these emoticons. Also, in less hyped-up news, I am almost finished with my new (full) song! Hopefully, I will be able to upload it sometime this week; but, I will probably wait until all this OMGWTFery dies down. This is one of the few times where I am actually pleased with dramatic change. Now, if only YouTube would get a clue ...

Anyway, enjoy your egg hunts for the next ... well, month probably.

(unrelated video)

That is all,


2012-02-05 22:02:59 by Emma

Don't worry, I still love you.


Presidential Election

2012-02-04 13:06:22 by Emma

Who are you voting for? I think it's obvious.

That is all.

- Emma

Underground Report 2

2012-01-21 14:59:12 by Emma

I figured I should do another one of these with a few more songs that you might like! Hopefully these are artists you have never heard of, but will be interested in now (and you might even prefer them over most of mainstream! I know I do.). Anyway, here's the list. I'll try to cover a range of genres - but, computer-gen music is always my favorite!

Noisia - Industrial Techno
Aquasky - Old School Drum&Bass
Bush - Post-grunge
The Buzzhorn - Hard Rock
Daiki Kasho - Tech-Rock
Interpartysystem - Electronic Rock <3
- Rock
Porter Robinson - New School Techno
Steve Jablonsky - OST
Darwinia - OST
(Adding more as I think of them!)

Also, here's your childhood:

(Oh hey, my interview is out. Lolol)

Dear SOPA Bill,

2012-01-17 20:26:19 by Emma

1984 is over.


Dear SOPA Bill,

Religion =/= Faith

2012-01-09 12:30:42 by Emma

1. Religion implies secular dependence and organization to confirm your belief.

2. Faith implies personal ability to believe without confirmation from religion.

Are we clear now?

- Emma

Happy New Year!

2012-01-01 00:21:12 by Emma

I mean, Last Year!

Merry Christmas!

2011-12-25 02:18:35 by Emma

What did you get?! I got this!

Merry Christmas!

Being the Grinch ...

2011-12-22 19:51:31 by Emma

... gives you a better view of the world. [+1 Cynicism]

Class dismissed.

- Emma

Being the Grinch ...