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Going Dark

2013-06-13 18:23:49 by Emma

Well it seems there are very few reasons to get on NG anymore ... I never really play the games, the movies are uninspired, better music and art can be found elsewhere ... but even the most entertaining part of the site (BBS) is just dull, repetitious, and mindless. If it isn't a thread about sex, depression, or angst, it's a circlejerk.

And I don't mean anything bad towards the mods and older regulars, but it really seems like the forum is a place for a handful of people to throw inside jokes around without including newer users ... sometimes even stigmatizing them. It's gotten to the point where I can predict what a thread will be about and who will post in it just based on the OP's name. I get it, NG was started as a small community and that is perhaps its destiny. I just don't like seeing the same 10-20 people argue about the same thing every week. Why not include a newbie into the discussion? Where are the opinions we haven't heard yet?

The problem is NG was centralized around the idea that the older your account, the more valid your opinion. This is paired with the rigorous leveling system which MOST people would be discouraged from. Think about it. Why would someone new to the site want to spend months in order to be listened to in the forum? And perhaps after the redesign, the cliques really began to stick out - and I know because I was a part of them.

This is the community now. It's like a highschool:
1. Mods & friends of Mods who communicate only with each other. (preps)
2. Sex/Porn addicts who post for the sake of posting. (nerds)
3. Depressed teenagers who complain and expect the above two to care about them. (emos/goths)
4. People who post to make their dick feel bigger *cough* Politics. (jocks)
5. The rest who are occasionally online but ignored by everyone. (riff raff)

Given how much I hated high school until senior year, I guess it makes sense why I haven't been on as lately xD.

The reason I joined NG was because the forum was fun and entertaining ... sometimes challenging. But it's not fun anymore and everyone acts like idiots. So that and the fact that most of my friends have either left or become inactive have led me to decide I will be going dark until further notice!

I'm not telling anyone else to leave. If you're having fun, cool! More power to you :) I just don't find the site appealing anymore, and if you feel the same, you should leave too. Just a suggestion. There are PLENTY of communities I've found online that are more receiving of people and are more diverse in users ... as in they have *cough* other females *cough* and actual adults. I can only take so much anarchy and lack of morals for so long :(

To contact me, you can send a friend request to RadicalJane @ Skype (tell me your NG name or I won't add you), and from there whatever else. If you don't have Skype, send me a PM.

Stay gold,

Going Dark


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2013-06-13 18:39:55



2013-06-13 20:13:03

Aw does this mean the only way I can talk to you is on Skype now D:

Emma responds:

Probably :(


2013-06-13 20:06:27

What you say is interesting because it's akin to one of my current internet situations to which I was a moron and kinda ruined my rep on that particular forum. It's literally the same issue; there's just a bunch of retarded banter that is either monogamous or just downright stupid. Nobody even talks about half as much stuff as the N.G bbs. I just see the fates being the same if there's no way to undermine the whole "elitist" attitude; but people feel deserving of something for being there 'so long.'

Now everyone has their reasons for coming to NG, but you probably will get bored - it's an indie animating website (at its core). I've stuck around and vanished when I focused more on my life so I disappeared for a few years but kept at it.

The big thing that sucks is that NG really did start as just that - an animation website. There's emphasis on the audio portal (which is still wonky in terms of functionality) and the art portal which I thought were nice little expansions but it didn't quite introduce waves of newcomers like in 2002 - 2005 which was a golden era here at NG.

Reasons I tell you about this is because SINCE I joined, I only have about like 50 BBS posts and I think the most posts came from when I joined to where I am now. Take my advice and just don't even bother with the community or social aspect. Let's face it. Everyone here's probably socially stinted or likewise so the conversations will just turn into a spiraling funnel of DURP.

I kept away from all of that because unless you aim for good criticism for something, there's not much of a real reason for the NG BBS. I'd just suggest a good forum community, search a bit and just stick to one that works. Then keep things together and become the admin of the site! :p

Nowadays a lot of people keep trying to be facepunch studios mixed with somethingawful and it's just a disaster. I think online communities are realistically ruined and trying to leave with something feeling fuller just won't happen. Just don't care, focus on your skills and put stuff out for people to see, then be done.

That's what I plan anyway. :D

Emma responds:

So true!

I would really just drop the forum and focus on the other parts of the site but I can't be arsed to figure out how to animate or program games just to have them disappear into nothingness LOL.. I'm a writer at heart but there's nothing here for writers so it feels like I can't contribute anything :(

But you're right this isn't really a forum website it's an animation one so really someone should join for the movies/games instead of the forums xD It's just that I used to come here for the new Madness episodes and music by ParagonX9 and Envy so when I started looking for a forum NG was already familiar to me. But now I realize how many other awesome forums there are online and this one just doesn't compare in any way :(

Maybe I'm just getting old D:


2013-06-14 13:09:35

Aww Emma, I'm sorry you feel this way about NG, though I don't blame you.


2013-06-14 00:59:02

Nothing can beat classic original newgrounds
where it was 80% porn and games of killing celebrities.


2013-06-14 02:55:57

i would like to talk to you on Skype, but you are always offline :-(


2013-06-13 21:55:09

Well, Tom made some kinda new member thread. School's almost out, so hopefully many of the duller wits of the BBS will be playing in traffic, and not on the better angels of our good nature (to quote Lincoln).
One friend of mine, said of the NG BSS, "Naw, I already noted how the minds work there and a petting zoo runs about the same."


2013-06-13 20:43:28

Oh no :c


2013-06-13 20:53:41

fun fact, i was the admin of the madness combat forums. especially when it was cool. :p


2013-06-13 22:43:23