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Guess Who's In Hollywood!

2013-05-22 20:58:28 by Emma

Well ... not yet. But this summer I'll have the chance to see the film world in preparation for my directing career (hopefully LOL). I'm not going to be an intern, more like an intern's intern for Legendary Pictures and possibly Pixar. Depending on how plans turn out this year, might even have the opportunity to do something similar for HBO. Obviously my girlfriend will be coming along and may find even more use for exploring the area. At this rate, my first movie will be done in 2016! LOL

And yes I am still partially MIA :(
Just realized I wasn't really paying attention to messages etc. so sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring you!
But seriously, NG and especially the BBS is getting damn boring.

Also, July = Vegas for a week = NG Vegas Meet???????????????????? :D

Ok carry on.


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2013-05-22 21:31:10

How about Reno? Better odds there... just kidding, Event Horizon just got his Mystery Box and my old pair of dice!
But I may be so bold, is being an intern's intern, a legit thing? You'll have set clearance? What branch of production will you be involved with? Won't you have to move for this?

Emma responds:

Haha it won't be official maybe sometime in the future, but I know a few people thanks to one of my professors who are willing to just show me what its like to work in the film industry. I'm hoping to be a director/screenwriter or both so it helps to know how everyone works together and how the process feels. But I have applied to be an ACTUAL intern for Pixar an HBO... regardless I'll be out in California at least until August/September and next year might consider living there permanently depending on pay!


2013-05-22 21:43:45

Hope you have fun while you're there. And try not getting mugged or something .-.
Also you should totes hire me if you get a job doing directing stuff. Then I can be on screen and blind thousands of people with my face then sneak into their houses and steal all of their stuff!!! >:D

Emma responds:

hahaha do u want a plane ticket xD???


2013-05-22 21:49:03

@Viper50 lol
Had to think about it, but, yeah, you'd be an intern under a lead/senior intern, of sorts.
Good luck and drop us a line after the day's/night's shooting/prep is done... I'm not the only one around here with production experience, and there's always something new to learn :)

Emma responds:

Will do :D together we shall change the world with the screen!!!


2013-05-22 22:17:30

Yo go.girl!!! Hope everything goes well with you! What are your goals/interests in the filming industry?

Emma responds:

Thanks :D :D

I really just want to write scripts but it would be cool to direct if I get the training! But I would be happy with anything to be honest haha I love movies :P


2013-05-22 22:25:20

I was just playing Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage :3 I beat the first home world and went to do some extra stuff and whatnot. Ya know trying to get the rest of the gems I may have missed and the orbs I didn't get.

Nah I'm good xD

Emma responds:

OMG I never beat the first Spyro all the way through!

Like the very last chamber for getting all gems :( never finished


2013-05-22 22:41:09

My sister beat it in less than a day ._.
I started a new game a couple days ago but stopped because I got insanely frustrated because I couldn't get past this mini game after trying for well over 2 hours. It's one of those hockey mini games where Spyro has to shoot the puck into the goal and try getting it past the goalie. For some reason I just can not seem to get past that part....

Emma responds:

OMG i remember that haha I hated it xD but there was a technique i figured out but i forgot what it was >.<


2013-05-22 23:02:55

At the most I've only gotten like 3 out of the 5 goals needed to pass ;-;
Though out of all the worlds in the first home world I have 4 of em 100% done without even trying. So I need to go back and finish up I wanna say....4 more and then I'll be done with that home world and I'll never have to go back there again!!!!!!!!! o:

Also I have copies of the first 3 Spyro games, Spyro Enter The Dragonfly, and Spyro Season Of Ice & Season Of Flame for Gameboy Advance. I got the latter because there was a Value City (if you've never heard of it its like a smaller version of Walmart or Kmart) and the store was closing down and all the games they had were around half off. So I decided to get it.

Emma responds:

I actually rented all the spyros past ripto's rage back when blockbuster was still around and had videogames haha. i started buying them again when the new ones came out about spyro's history and stuff :D

actually there werent any bad games imo


2013-05-23 09:40:42

I have nowhere that I can rent Spyro games anymore....the only video stores around here that had them all closed. Though I once rented a Spyro game for Gamecube that glitched and let me have infinite lives :3

Indeed there weren't. Though I hate how he looks now....

Emma responds:

I used to love coming up with stories for all the different color spyro's xD


2013-05-23 17:37:16

I only know you from NG here, but for all I can see you seem to be a strong-willed person. Go your own way, and I'm sure we will all here more of you. Otherwise, why would your prof care to help you?

Best of luck, don't let the industy eat your soul there - just get famous ;)

Emma responds:

Thank you very much!!


2013-05-23 17:37:35

You cant possibly be old enough yet, wait...idk.....maybe
Anyways I didnt know you wanted to be a director? FILL ME IN PLZ

(Updated ) Emma responds:

You're never too young!!!!!! :D Nah I got a lot to learn :c

OMG I've only said it like 500 times D: where you been dood


2013-05-24 00:11:21

i thought u had to be talented at directing to become a director

Emma responds:

You do :P

I haven't had enough experience to know if it's a profession i would prefer in addition to screenwriting


2013-05-24 01:44:59

I found some cheat codes that let me color Spyro different colors! o:
Like...I had him colored black and blue and pink....

Also I'm now over halfway done with Ripto's Rage! Yay! :D

Emma responds:

Yeah those are the ones I mean haha xD



2013-05-24 01:59:26

Spyro looks weird to me in those different colors ._.
Well I completed the first home world and killed Crush. Then I went to the second home world and got 100% completed on 3 of the 4 levels I did on the first try (the only one I didn't get was Skelos Badlands)

Emma responds:

OMG I think i should try to find my old Crash Bandicoot games o.o


2013-05-24 02:08:44

I haven't played a Crash Bandicoot game since I was a wee little lad o.o

Emma responds:



2013-05-24 13:28:23

Well I wish you the best, hopefully you can make a catwoman reboot when your older :3

Emma responds:

Omg yes and it will be much darker and played by Natalie Portman!!


2013-05-24 14:09:14

I think the last Crash Bandicoot game I played was either Cortex Strikes Back or Warped.

Emma responds:

Warped was so fun T.T


2013-05-24 16:14:21

Indeed it was


2013-05-24 20:45:39

It was so much fun.
So much fun....


2013-05-25 18:21:45

Did you like the anne hathaway catwoman?

Emma responds:

She was ok but not sexy enough :(


2013-05-26 14:21:08



2013-05-26 14:21:59

what the fuck your profile pic

Emma responds:



2013-05-29 17:24:32

Woo totally think I'm sick right now :D
And I didn't beat Spyro yet ._. I'm only 83% done and can technically face Ripto now. But I'm trying to get all the other worlds 100% done before I fight him. Also have like 85 lives so I'm fairly certain I wont get a Game Over or something while trying to fight him.
Did you know Ripto got his name because in the Japanese release of Spyro Spyro's name looks like it says "Ripto" and they decided to name him after that.

Also The Bad Light released a new EP :3
Its not as good as Marrow Of Sound but its still not bad.

Emma responds:

Why happy face if you're sick D:

I always liked the name Ripto haha now I know why :P but I still remember a lot of the characters in that game!!


2013-05-29 18:18:38

Because its obviously a joyous occasion when I'm sick :3

As did I (before I started playing it again).
After I completely finish it I'm going to play the first one and then go and finish up Year Of The Dragon.
(I only finished the first world)
And then beat Enter The Dragonfly. Then I'll be good on Spyro stuff.
Though I could work on Season Of Ice Season Of Flame....but I suck at controlling stuff like that on a Gameboy.


2013-06-10 06:11:22

Cum on my tits

Emma responds: